LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask Features & Benefits

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Skintecture's LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask uses three kinds of light sources: Red, Blue and Orange to treat a range of skin concerns such dull, acne, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, scarring, rosacea, broken capillaries, inflamed, redness and dark circles.

Skintecture LED Light Mask Explained

Through the nano-technology light-guide material, the principle of bio-photo light therapy is used to give the skin a rejuvenation that accelerates the metabolism of the cells resulting in a brighter and clearer appearance. 


Red Light - Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Skintecture Red LED Light Therapy Mask
The wavelength of 620-630 nm works the outer layer of the skin collagen growth and elastin fibres. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, slows down the ageing process, i.e. reduce fine lines & wrinkles and revitalizes skin appearance.   


Blue Light - Tightens Pores & Prevents Acne

Skintecture Blue LED Light Therapy Mask

The wavelength of 460-470 nm assists in the elimination of acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin. It tightens pores and makes your skin less oily and promotes anti-inflammatory effects.


Orange Light - Brightens Skin by Boosting Oxygen

Skintecture Orange LED Light Therapy Mask

The  wavelength of 580-590 nm treats oxygen to the blood cells, which can promote micro cell circulation, help prevent pigmentation and sun damage, providing a brighter skin appearance. 
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Skin specialists widely use LED photon therapy due to it's a non-invasive painless skin treatment, limited side effects and no chemical nasties.